Greyhound Racing Betting

Greyhound Racing Betting

Fast-paced action, fascinating events and lots of excitement are what to expect when betting upon greyhound racing. Even though this kind of sport is far less well-known than favourites such as sports and horse racing, that still doesn’ t are worthy of to be overlooked and so we all made a full greyhound bike racing betting guide for all of you to study!

Greyhound racing involves six greyhounds chasing a mechanical trap. Just like any race, the point is to beat the competition and cross the finish line first of all.

However , who also wins depends on many factors including the physical shape of the greyhound and type of line. This is why any pop over to these guys newbies in greyhound racing should dedicate time learning and reading greyhound racing theory.

Greyhound Racing Betting Guidebook – General Information
As it was already mentioned, in the united kingdom a total of six puppies take part in the races. There are a few exceptions though; for example , in the Towcester course, there are 8-dog races, while the Shawfield Arena has races with 5 various greyhounds.

Every single dog has a starting series and they are lured with a mechanised bait towards the finish line. Only one is the winner, nevertheless bettors have quite a few gambling options nonetheless. The races take part on various paths with various lengths; most often, they are 525 (480 meters), 547 (500 meters) or 563 yards (515 meters).

Greyhound Racing Gambling GuideRacing Lines
Another important detail in Greyhound Betting, is the racing lines. Namely, the racing lines may be very wide, wide, midsection, middle to wide, track, rails to middle or perhaps middle to rails. Even though this sounds outright confusing, in fact , it reveals a whole lot.

For example , greyhounds running on the rails cover the shortest distance, yet also the sharpest sides. Very wide lines provide greyhounds more space, but also more lengths. The middle side of the road is the best for greyhounds to obtain their top speed; the con here is the ease of being handed down by other participants. So , if you know your short-hand (vw, mid-w, rls, mid-rls etc . ), you will be able to create smart decisions when placing bet.

Types of Greyhound Bets

When talking about the time of placing the bet, there are often early prices, starting rates and in-race bets. Just as the name suggests, the primary are bets placed in the early days of betting; these have better odds, but likewise high risk as many things can transform last minute.

Starting price bets are those placed before the beginning of your greyhound race when each of the crucial information is known to athletics bettors. Finally, in-race playing is becoming more and more popular today; this enables punters to place wagers during the race; however , since greyhound races are quite short, it’ s easy to miss something.

Right now, let’ s focus on the winners and losers related bets; the two most popular kinds are single bets, multi-bets, each-way bets and tricast. The single bet is simply aiming to guess to the winner of the race; it’ s fairly straightforward and simple. Multi Greyhound Racing bets are all those involving two or three selections; these kinds of allow punters to think the winner and the a couple of greyhounds right behind it.

Greyhound Racing Gambling each way means inserting two bets on the same greyhound; one bet predicts the greyhound would win and the other that the dog will be placed. In case of a get, you win both table bets. Lastly, tricast is betting the first three greyhounds to cross the finish range, regardless of their order.

Naturally, there are many even more betting options to consider. These are, however , for skilled punters only as they are confusing and risky. Such gambling bets would be the Trixie, the Yankee and the Lucky 63.

Best Greyhound Wagering Races in UK and Ireland

Greyhound racing fans can bet on various events all year round. It’s understandable, the most popular ones take place in the united kingdom and Ireland. Here are those that often include top-notch greyhounds and guarantee high adrenaline levels.

Every April the Limerick Greyhound Stadium hosts the popular Kirby Memorial Stakes. Another top event is the William Hill St Leger, which accustomed to take place at the Wembley Arena before being moved to Wimbledon and finally Perry Barr. Three other events to tag on your calendar include the English language Greyhound Derby, the Ladbrokes Golden Jacket and the Irish Independent Laurels.

Choosing A Greyhound Racing On the net Bookmaker

Needless to say that the greyhound racing on the web bookmaker plays a crucial role in your overall experience with the activity. Here’ s what to consider when choosing one:

License and reputation. Make sure you stick to licensed and reputable online bookmakers as they guarantee safety, fairness and top-class service.
Chances. Not all bookmakers offer the same odds; so , you probably desire to find the one with the ideal odds in order to maximize your winnings.
Types of bets accepted. The more choices you have the better, especially after you gain some knowledge.

Bonuses and promos. It’ s constantly great to receive juicy bonus deals and promotions, especially if they come with reasonable cashout requirements. Mind the Terms and Conditions even though!
Live streaming. In the event it’ s not possible to view the races at the monitors, it’ s highly advised to join an online bookmaker that provides live streaming in order to avoid missing the action.
Marketplaces covered. The more markets and greyhound racing events a bookmaker covers the more you’ ll be able to bet and experiment.