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The last two names in the list, inevitably go to a pair of Instagram app free download for android mobile names whose fame was largely built on Instagram as well their family reality show. Kylie Jenner has risen to fourth place, with 202 million followers. In the process, she overtook her sister Kim Kardashian West, who counts 192 million followers. In May 2020, GlobalWebIndex stats showed that 23% of Instagram users had used IGTV in the past two months. The merits of the portrait format of the videos has also been called into question. In May 2019, Instagram acknowledged this, and added support for landscape videos.

Instagram removing likes is one update that’ll change the face of influencer campaigns and social media marketing. With more than 1 billion active accounts every month, Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms. Sinceits launch in 2010, likes on posts have been the measurement of success on Instagram. Although Instagram initially intended to portray authenticity, creators on Instagram essentially made content that “gets the highest likes.” But what if Instagram removes likes altogether? Since 2019, Instagram is indeed gradually getting rid of like counts from its platform.

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Jacqui created an Instagram account, @streetview.portraits, to share the screenshots she took. In the video, the camera showed Jacqui looking at one of her Instagram posts, a washed-out image of two camels in the desert, scrolling over the comments. The first version of the Instagram app only allowed users to display their media in a square aspect ratio (an aspect ratio is a proportional relationship between an image’s width and height). For a square aspect ratio, an image’s height and width are the same. This meant that Instagram users could only post media that matched the 640-pixel width of the iPhone 4 at that time . In 2015, this feature changed and users could upload media that was larger .

  • As Instagram became a popularity contest, the desire to collect high numbers of likes got out of hand.
  • You can access drafts from anywhere because Gmail data is stored completely online.
  • But now, Instagram users are seeing more content from people they’ve engaged with the most.
  • It even rolled out a redesign that ditched that cherished Polaroid-inspired icon, a transition that some users found more jarring than all the evolution going on inside the app itself.
  • That gets Facebook a dramatically better photo “graph.” That keeps it ahead of Google+, which wooed photographers strongly in its first seven months on the market.

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Thousands of your peers will read your work, and you will level up in the process. With the right engagement analytics, you can track the metrics that really matter, and then adjust your campaign to generate better results and achieve your bigger goals – instead of just racking up likes. Buffer, which helps you manage your social media accounts, analyze your results and engage with your community. Socialbakers, which allows you to analyze your posts with the help of artificial intelligence to get a better understanding of your reach, audience interactions and your most successful post types.