Could it be okay to possess intercourse with my gf if she has mono?

Could it be okay to possess intercourse with my gf if she has mono?

Q: My girlfriend presently has mono and I also have previously had it. Could it be okay whenever we have sexual intercourse? What exactly are any dangers connected with sex she has mono with her while?

A: Great question. Seems easy, but actually plenty of levels.

“Mono” (infectious mononucleosis) theoretically relates to a problem of symptoms – swollen lymph nodes, temperature, throat pain, tiredness, etc. – in place of a certain disease. Many situations of mono in the usa are usually brought on by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) but other viruses, such as for example Cytomegalovirus, causes mono aswell. But let’s assume that we’re referring to the EBV version that is usual of.

Then she is almost certainly infectious if your girlfriend has typical symptoms and a blood test that confirmed the diagnosis. EBV concentrates in saliva, so individuals often catch it by way of a coughing, sharing utensils, or many famously, kissing. EBV could be transmitted in other means. But not theoretically considered an infection that is sexually transmitted one posted research implies that EBV may be sent through intercourse and that condoms provide some security.

Many (not totally all) healthier those that have had EBV mono develop resistance to it and don’t become ill from subsequent exposures, generally there is little danger of you mono that is getting in the event that you dudes have intercourse. You will definitely nearly assuredly come in contact with your girlfriend’s EBV – generally there is an important danger that you’ll develop mono again that you will be re-infected, but miniscule risk.

But let’s consider your gf for a moment. Presuming she actually seems as much as making love, is it safe on her?

It is not likely that making love would pose any specific dangers. Mono will sometimes may cause a person’s spleen to be increased, nevertheless, which puts them susceptible to having a spleen rupture, a real medical crisis. Continue reading “Could it be okay to possess intercourse with my gf if she has mono?”