5 Reasons She’s Attracted to Your friend that is best

5 Reasons She’s Attracted to Your friend that is best

She’s always flirting along with your bud. Is the fact that a bad thing?

The final individual you think you must bother about poaching your gf can be your best friend—the guy you’ve understood forever, that has seen you after your greatest (and cheapest) points. Appropriate?

So you’re probably wondering why your gf is often flirting with him. Okay, maybe not constantly flirting, but she does appear to like him a terrible great deal. And exactly why wouldn’t she? “Your gf adores you,” says relationship specialist Kailen Rosenberg. “It’s the ‘birds of the feather concept that is. You will be such as your buddies along with your buddies times that are many a lot like you—fun, charming, sweet. It just is practical that she’d interact with a number of those dudes, too.”

But, Rosenberg describes, if she’s your gf, the flirting will more than likely simply be for fun—on both relative edges associated with equation. Therefore as you might not have to be concerned about your two favorite people operating down together, it can’t harm to find out a bit more in what makes your very best buddy therefore weirdly appealing. Listed below are five reasons she might be attracted to—or at least acting like she’s attracted to—your go-to man.

He’s a complete lot like her

You decide on your relationships according to compatibility, therefore it shouldn’t be astonishing to learn that your closest friend along with your gf are shockingly similar. “Your companion probably will possess some of the identical characteristics and behavior habits as your girlfriend,” says relationship expert Carole Lieberman, M.D., writer of Bad Girls: Why Men prefer Them & How Good Girls Can discover Their Secrets. “For instance, you could be extroverted, but feel much more comfortable around friends that are introverted.”

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