Falling for My Son’s Best Friend(38) Author: Cassandra Dee

Falling for My Son’s Best Friend(38) Author: Cassandra Dee

Nonetheless it’s a lonely life, working 7 a.m. To midnight, therefore I had been astonished to know that she’d even met somebody, a lot less gotten all of the way to marriage.

“Who will it be? ” We inquired, my eyebrows raised. Had she came across somebody at work? Which was really the only plausible description, she had almost no time to socialize. But I Became incorrect.

“He’s a man that is nice we came across him at a coffee shop, ” she said, nevertheless scarcely searching for, fingernails clacking away during the keyboard. “You’ll like him. ”

Okay, at the least this isn’t an interoffice relationship that would get her fired. But I happened to be nevertheless wondering.

“Name? ” We pressed. It had been unlike Virginia become therefore secretive.

“Gordon Jones, ” she responded, finally finding out about. “He’s an insurance coverage exec, a widower, lives away in White Plains together with his sons. ”

We knew i ought to have expected more about the guy, about their household, but all i really could hear was “White Plains, ” a suburbia that is desolate kilometers north of Manhattan.

“Um Mom, ” we said gradually. “Sorry to intrude, but does this mean we’re going away to White Plains? Or will they be planning to move around in here? Or, ” and right here, I hoped against hope, “we’ll just remain separate? ” To me personally, any such thing apart from NYC ended up being the boonies, not as the external boroughs. Continue reading “Falling for My Son’s Best Friend(38) Author: Cassandra Dee”