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You could use most of these tools to create a network that has users with unique IP addresses. In all except openwrt, you can install gcc, compile and run your patched software.

I’ve not had to set up MIBs on a lInux box so I do not know if CORE creates a namespace for the directories used by SNMP. Cloonix and Netkit use KVM and user-mode-linux, respectively and those technologies virtualize the full filesystem and allow you to save the changes to the files for future use. It does a little more 😉 There has several VirtualBox Linux whose are completely integrated with gns3, and these VMs have already many networks tools installed. It offers GNS3 installed on a basic Linux system in a Live USB or Live CD disk image.

  • Don’t you think “No$GBA” or “No Cash GBA” is a unique name?.
  • It could be best GBA Emulator available because of regular and timely updates it gets and it is entirely free to use and enjoy GBA games on it.
  • Not just that it can be run on all kind of hardware so you won’t have to worry if you have an old computer and want to play Game Boy Advance games on it.
  • It is also one of the earliest Emulators to play GBA games on PC it has popularity because of a strange name.

I suggest you post your question to the Cloonix mailing list. You will need to use GNS3 and Cisco or Juniper images to test IP Fast Reroute technologies because most of these are not implemented as open source software. So how I can make the simulation work to evaluate those mechanisms? Hello Brian I have to use Network CORE for a college project, in which I have to install software on one of the node, Example Apache server. I’ve seen some research papers that discuss using NS-3 to simulate LTE packet core networks (but if you may find NS-3 to be a complicated solution).

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I prefer cloonix for working with open-source routers, in the case where full-stack virtualization is needed . I think the main issue is virtualization of the file system.

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It also offers a useful selection of other Linux software and tools pre-installed. Based on what I know about all the tools in this list, I think that GNS3 is the only system that will work on Windows.

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Do not hesitate, Brian to forward anything concerning cloonix to the cloonix team. The mail you transmitted about saving and configuration was good for the product progress, the needs we have here usin the tool is not the same as the needs other people may have. Here we never save a topology pokemon platinum rom, we just scritp its construction and send configuration commands to virtual machines always starting from virgin reference guests. It appears there is no “Save Topo” command in version 26.

Congratulations for taking the time to create such an amazing content, and to share it with the whole Internet. I am a researcher who is interested in Computer Network, Network Security, and Cloud Computing. I am looking for a simulator/emulator/tool that can suit my area of interest. You can create hosts with all your users in one CORE canvas and your WAN in another CORE canvas and then connect the two canvases together.