Runaway President: As Manhunt Continues, What Exactly Are Yanukovych’s Choices?

Runaway President: As Manhunt Continues, What Exactly Are Yanukovych’s Choices?

Ukrainian protesters have actually required their death.

The united states’s interim leaders have actually granted an arrest warrant for him on fees of “mass murder.” And from now on, lawmakers would you like to drag him prior to the Overseas Criminal Court within the Hague.

However the question that is main: Where is Viktor Yanukovych?

Rumors about their whereabouts have already been swirling considering that the ousted president fled Kyiv in the evening after apparently security that is evading by fleeing their luxurious property outside of the money by helicopter,

Yanukovych reemerged the following day in a tv meeting from an undisclosed location — initially reported to stay the northeastern town of Kharkiv — keeping him to Nazis that he was still the president and comparing the protesters who overthrew.

Since that time, there has been no sightings that are confirmed.

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Some state he desired refuge in a monastery outside of the city that is eastern of. Other people thought he had been smuggled into a Russian naval base in Sevastopol or escaped on an extra yacht through the Ebony water slot of Balaclava.

Together with his allies that are political far from him in droves, Yanukovych’s choices are quickly narrowing.

Secure Havens?

There clearly was conjecture he had been issued refuge in Russia, whoever leadership rejects the interim federal government created away from Ukraine’s bloody three-month protests as illegitimate.

But Moscow’s help of Yanukovych is lukewarm at the best, and several in Russia think the Kremlin is reluctant to jeopardize its high-stakes relations with Ukraine by giving him asylum.

“Moscow will likely not, plus in my estimation must not, work as a benefactor for Yanukovych along with his household,” claims Maksim Shevchenko, a prominent journalist that is russian tv presenter, that is regarded as pro-Kremlin. “He inspires hatred and contempt in every levels of Ukrainian culture. Continue reading “Runaway President: As Manhunt Continues, What Exactly Are Yanukovych’s Choices?”