Why I’ll Be Deactivating My FetLife Account Next Monday

Why I’ll Be Deactivating My FetLife Account Next Monday

So you have if you haven’t heard of the impending FetLife strike, now. Lots of FetLife users is certainly going temporarily dark in a few days to protest the crappy method FetLife aids and abets creepy dudes and predators.

We imagine you all have actually plenty of concerns, so make the rest i’ll for this a Q&A.

What’s Making People Therefore Upset That They’re Temporarily Quitting? You post pictures or anything sexual, you can expect to get creepy dudes hitting you up for sex sooner or later if you’re a woman on FetLife, foreignbride.net/serbian-women/ and. Lots of women have stalkers, or considerable rape dreams, and sometimes even out-and-out rape threats inside their inbox.

Now, there clearly was a “block” switch on Fet, but that requires you to definitely earnestly a) seek away that individual, and b) block them. Given that some high-profile ladies have 90+ emails each and every day from dudes, most of them anonymous cock pages, the old advice of “Just block them you” isn’t quite enough to stop many women from saying “fuck it” and walking away from a social media site that has become a chore if they bother.

There’s loads of tools FetLife could produce to greatly help ameliorate that: enabling individuals to display email messages from brand brand new users / users with under X buddies / users of the particular age and gender ranges / a much better block functionality. But regardless of the known proven fact that ladies have already been whining vociferously about that shit when it comes to seven years I’ve been on FetLife, the Powers That Be at Fet have plumped for to devote their development resources to many other tools. Continue reading “Why I’ll Be Deactivating My FetLife Account Next Monday”