Lesbian Guidance: Should Lesbians Date Bisexual Ladies

Lesbian Guidance: Should Lesbians Date Bisexual Ladies

Concern: Should lesbians date women that are bisexual.

Lesbians often ask me personally whether i do believe lesbians should date bisexual women…

I have this question on a regular basis, therefore I think it is crucial to handle it right right right here.

And I wish to be really truthful about my response…

I believe it’s this is the question that is wrong ask.

Therefore what’s the right concern?

The crucial thing, whenever dating anyone (aside from sex, sex or just about any category) is whether or not both folks are in the page that is same.

Would you both want the things that are same?

Have you been in both contract when it comes to what you would like from one http://datingranking.net/swinglifestyle-review/ another and through the relationship?

That’s the appropriate concern.

Whenever two different people are instead of exactly the same page, it is a negative deal.

A deal that is bad…

I happened to be trained as legal counsel before becoming a lesbian love advisor. And any good attorney will let you know that after stepping into any agreement, both edges should be clear concerning the terms they’re agreeing to. Otherwise the contract it self is not a valid agreement.

This means that, if you’re not absolutely all on a single page it is a bad deal and some body will probably get screwed.

Therefore rather than asking whether a lady we meet is bisexual or “fully gay”, the greater amount of question that is important give consideration to is: can you want exactly the same things? Exactly exactly just What are you wanting using this relationship with her, and so what does she want using this relationship with you, as they are your desires mutually aligned?

More info on this in a minute…

But before we go any more, we think it is crucial to pause and acquire clear by what some body means whenever she calls herself “bisexual. ”

There are numerous ladies who call by themselves bisexual, but that expressed word can indicate plenty of various things to many each person. Continue reading “Lesbian Guidance: Should Lesbians Date Bisexual Ladies”