How easy may be the site to use? The Search Feature

How easy may be the site to use? The Search Feature

The layout and organization of the site is clean and easy to use as is the usual with any Cupid Media site. It will occasionally have a slightly “older” feel to it, but the functionality is excellent. If it gets the working job done, who cares about whatever else? Let’s talk about a few of the specific things we found we would like to see improved upon that we liked during our Ukraine Cupid review and things.

First, here’s what the member dashboard seems like.

Yes, we blurred out all the pictures, but when you get on Ukraine Cupid, you will see everyone’s pictures clear as day. You’ll notice that your particular matches are arranged in a grid style format that you can scroll endlessly through. You will need to click on “Improve Matches” and set your preferences as to what you’d like to see when you log in when you first get to the site. You are able to change these whenever you want, so don’t beat yourself up looking to get them perfect next to the bat.

You their pictures, basic information, and have a message spot for you to send them a quick message when you click on a match, a mini-profile will pop up that will show. Additionally, you’ll have the option to “show interest” which will be Ukraine Cupid’s flirt option, add them as a popular, or see their full profile.

Here’s what that profile appears like (at least the top 50 % of it). The profiles at Ukraine Cupid are incredibly tall vertically with a huge amount of options of data for you really to fill out about yourself and what you’re interested in in your Ukrainian mate.

Again, yes, we blurred out of the information that is pertinent the pictures because this is a real screenshot from the site. We wanted to give an actual look inside your website during our Ukraine Cupid review, but we didn’t like to violate a member’s privacy at all. You’ll have to create a free account on your own should you want to see the pictures and information unblurred 🙂

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